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On the Road to Maui! May 21, 2007

Posted by atlantarunner in Injuries, Running.

On the Road to Maui!

I have formally started training for the Maui Marathon! Woohoo!

For the last couple of weeks, I have been swamped with work and activities, so I decided not to try and post anything. But now I’m back, and as promised, here is the training plan I am using for Maui. It is based on the Furman FIRST to the Finish plan, but with less long run mileage at the beginning. I have also adjusted for a couple of weekends where it will not be possible to get my long run in, due to travel (in one case) and a planned 5K race (in the other case). I handled that by adding two extra weeks to the plan at those points, and inserting the appropriate runs at those points: the 5K race + some extra easy miles, and a 6-8 mile run on the travel day.

Maui Marathon 2007 Training Plan

I am still dealing with achilles tendinitis in my right foot, but it has not gotten any worse. It had gotten pretty sore on Saturday after a 6-mile run, but I had not had very good sleep the whole week, so that may have had something to do with it. I’ve noticed a correlation between post-running soreness and poor sleep. I have continued ice massage on it, and it really helps.

The problem may also have something to do with my new shoes. A few weeks ago, I discovered that my local Costco warehouse had the Adidas Nova Control running shoe. I had been wearing Adidas Supernova Control shoes with great success, and I had read that Nova was basically the same shoe, just cost-reduced. So I decided to buy them. They feel great, but it just so happens that the worst of my achilles problems coincided with wearing those shoes. So I am going back to my old Supernovas, with 300+ miles on them, until I get a chance to get to the Big Peach Running Company (my favorite local footwear merchant) to buy a new pair, hopefully this week. If the Supernovas make a difference, I’ll relegate the cost-reduced Novas to cross-training.

Anyway, my achilles tendon is much better today, so I will go ahead with my scheduled speed training tomorrow. However, to be sure that I am not setting myself up for an even worse injury, I’ve scheduled an appointment at the Atlanta Foot and Ankle Center to get the advice of Dr. Julien, a respected doctor in the Atlanta running community. I won’t get to see him until 2 weeks from now, but hopefully my tendinitis won’t get any worse between now and then.



1. Tim - May 21, 2007

Glad to hear the Achilles is somewhat better, if not entirely healed. I’d meant to ask yesterday when I linked to your blog. Funny you should mention the shoes: I had a similar experience last summer while training for Chicago. I’d just bought a new pair of Mizunos — basically the same shoe I typically wear but with more staibility. The first time I wore them I had tremendous pain in my right foot and had to stop my run. I haven’t worn them for a long run since — though they carried me through my speed work this morning just fine — and I haven’t looked back. Hope you’ll be able to say the same soon.

2. Sarah - May 22, 2007

Excellent on Dr. Julien – It’s always nice to get the advice of an expert. I know I feel a lot better when I see my Chiro. I’ve had Achilles pain lately too, so maybe I’ve been sitting too close to your new shoes?

I’m copying your training plan, it’s easy to read and better than the spreadsheet I’ve got.

3. DM - May 27, 2007

Thanks for stopping by the blog yesterday….when is the race in Maui? DM

4. atlantarunner - May 28, 2007

Hi DM,
The Maui Marathon will take place on September 16.

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