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Sidelined! May 4, 2007

Posted by atlantarunner in Injuries, Running.


Augh! No more running for me, at least not for the next few days. I’ve been dealing with minor achilles tendinitis for the last few weeks–until yesterday, when it finally flared up into something more than minor. Until yesterday, I had dull pain in my right achilles tendon that would come and go. I’ve had that before, and I’ve always just run through it with no further problem. However, yesterday, after my 6-mile tempo run, that ache in my right achilles tendon became persistent, with visible swelling. It lasted all day. It could be worse, but it’s bad enough now to tell me, “cut it out already and give it some rest!”

So I’ve been trying RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation–well, not as much elevation as I’d like, because that gets in the way of working and all. Plus, I’ve been taking ibuprofen a couple times a day as an anti-inflammatory. It all seems to be helping, as it’s a little better today, but it’s still not great. It bothers me a little when I walk, especially when I descend stairs (of course, I live in a townhome, where stairs cannot be avoided).

My self-prescription: no long run this weekend, and no other running for the next few days either. Instead, if my achilles tendon feels well enough on Sunday, I’ll get on my bike for some exercise–maybe 20-30 miles. It won’t work my calves as much as running the hills of Atlanta, so hopefully I can still get some good aerobic exercise while minimizing the strain on my tender tendon. During the week, I’ll use our community fitness center and get in some extra weight training, and possibly some stationary cycling too.

There’s a silver lining in this: I have not yet started my formal training schedule for the Maui Marathon, which will be September 16. I have a little time to rest up before I start that. However, I may need to modify my training plan. I was originally planning to use the Furman “FIRST to the Finish” program, which assumes you already have a decent base mileage before the first week. The first 6 weeks of the program feature long runs of 13, 15, 17, 20, 18, and 20 miles. I did 13 last weekend, so it may still be possible to use this program, but if I have to rest too long, those first 6 weeks may be too aggressive. No biggie – I used a modified version of this program for my previous marathon, with less mileage at the beginning, and it seemed to work. I could do that again.

My formal training needs to start soon, as Maui is only 19 weeks from this Sunday. As I look into my options, I will post my thoughts. Comments and advice welcome!



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